Rubber Support Pads

Fixed height paver support pads

When building raised decks on rooftops, roof terraces and other elevated outdoor flooring applications, where you need to start at the lowest height possible for your finished deck, the best solution is normally to start laying the pavers on fixed height rubber support pads.  These pads can be stacked on top of each other to build up the height and are simply positioned under each corner of the paver or tile that you are using. Spacer tabs to ensure precise and accurate spacing of the pavers are inbuilt into the pads and can be simply with a sharp knife when not required.

The lowest height support pad (HD-PAD10) is just 3/8″ high which means that you can achieve a finished deck height of just 1 1/8″ if you are using porcelain pavers on your deck. Using a combination of the higher 5/8″ HD-PAD16 and  1/16″ HD-SHIM2, you can build up the height to approximately 1 1/2″, making sure to check your deck is perfectly level and the pavers do not rock on the surface.

Where you need pedestal support heights above approx. 1 1/2″, you’ll need to take up either the Eterno SE series pedestals with their self leveling heads or the Maxi series with their fixed heads and add-in slope compensation shims.

rubber pedestal supports

The rubber fixed height support pads offer an excellent method of laying porcelain or concrete pavers over an existing concrete surface where they essentially create a ‘floating’ outdoor floor. The beauty of this solution is that you can create a perfectly level surface by stacking the pavers on top of each other, providing you don’t need to raise the finished level of your deck by more than approximately 1 1/2″ at any point across the surface. The other advantage is that if your existing concrete has any slight cracks or other damage, then you can normally lay the pavers directly over the top of your existing deck (using the rubber support pads) without requiring any additional work to be done to remedy the defective surface.

Compared with the alternative of laying tiles in thinset, ‘floating’ your pavers or tiles on rubber support pads is a much quicker and easier method of installation and also avoids any long-term issues of water penetrating grout and lifting and/or cracking tiles in locations subject to freeze/thaw issues. It also has the advantage that water drains away very quickly off the surface by the open gaps between the pavers.

Rubber support pads offer a much superior alternative to plastic pads since they offer:

  • much better sound absorption
  • additional shock protection
  • greater friction between both the pavers and the base surface
  • eliminates the need to construct a retaining barrier around the paved area in most circumstances


These rubber support pads tabs are available exclusively from Architrex and can be purchased online here.


HD-PAD10 – 3/8″ x 6″ diam.
HD-PAD16 – 5/8″ x 6″ diam.
HD-SHIM2 – 1/16″ x 6″ diam.

A cut sheet for the rubber support pads can be downloaded here. Additional data and specifications of our complete range of pedestals including a complete catalog of the Eterno adjustable height supports, can be downloaded from our Brochures page.